Providing a professional service for all your horsey needs. 



GD Equine offers an array of services, from being a qualified equine bodyworker, commonly known as Sports therapy, to freelance groom work including mucking out, clipping, riding and lunging. 

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  • BHS (British Horse society) Stage 1 exam

  • BHS Stage 2 exam

  • BHS stage 3 exam (care only)

  • Riding and road safety

  • EEBW ( (Trained with Debranne Pattillo at Writtle college. World renowned expert in the field of sports therapy; both equine and canine). Please see 'The Equinology Approach' for more information. 

  • Rocktape Kinesiology taping application (CPD)

  • Fascial Release Tool application (CPD)

  • Infrared LED light tool application (CPD)

  • Equine Back biomechanics and saddle fitting application (CPD)

  • MET trained, stretching and mobilization (CPD)

  • Myofascial release part 1 (CPD)