About Georgia, and GD Equine 

Georgia's equine passion started from a young age, from the first ever lesson where the pony she was riding actually rolled with her, to the numerous pony club activities and camps, to the BD (British Dressage) lessons, and lets not forget the few trips to A&E with broken bones and horrible bumps. Its all the little things that mean the most through the years which have helped get Georgia to where she is now.

Currently Georgia has three lovely semi-retired horses of her own, all of which got her through the years of competing and riding camps, along with a set of very supportive parents!

One of Georgia's horses in particular is the reason why she became so inspired to pursue the route of sports therapy. One of her horses was sadly diagnosed with navicular disease; this being a horrible degenerative affect of the navicular bone in horses feet, from this the same horse had torn his DDFT (Deep Digital Flexor Tendon), and needed a lot of physio and medical treatment. Georgia being there every step of the way, including the three MRIs that occurred, the aftercare following surgery and navicular treatment, allowed her to broaden her knowledge and understanding.

This is the main reasoning into the line of work Georgia has taken, and doing the Equinology course (see information page) gave her the start. Georgia has ensured that she maintains her professional education whilst working as a Sports therapist and Freelance groom, by taking exams and CPD courses (see qualifications). Georgia loves the fact that you can never stop learning, and with horses not one thing is ever the same; in her sessions she may find that one horses enjoys a particular stretch, yet another absolutely hates it. You are always learning, always thriving, and always trying to make a difference.

Georgia works as a freelance groom, dealing with a mixture of horse types, from the fit hunter to the show ponies and everything in between. Being given such opportunities with her role has shaped her in to the horsewoman she is today.