Georgia also offers a professional clipping service which is available throughout the year. This is ideal for those who need regular trims or clips more than once a year rather than the traditional clipping time over the winter period, this is suitable for such breeds like our traditional cobs, where the hot weather in the summer causes skin complaints and hair/ coat needs regular removal and treatment.

Come the typical winter period, running from middle of September through to the end of February Georgia is available to clip any horse type.

Georgia uses lister star cord clippers and lister legato hand held clippers. Both types of clippers need mains electrics to power, and Georgia brings her own extension cable and break plug as well as clipper oil.

Price list for 2020

  • Full clip (including half face and legs) £50

  • Full clip (including half face and legs left) £45

  • Hunter clip (half face, legs and saddle area left) £45

  • Blanket clip (half face) £35

  • Trace clip (can be half or face left) £25

  • Bib clip (can be half or face left) £20

  • Removal of leg hair £25

Please note that the above prices are only a guideline and can be subject to change. Small discount for smaller ponies and Shetlands. Fuel is currently included in the clipping price if you are within 10 miles of Crawley, if outside the 10 mile radius a small fuel charge will be added at £0.50 a mile (return).