Meet a success story

This past year has been a massive success for Georgia and her lovely clients, there has been huge improvements seen continuously, from little triumphs of finally finding the courage to hack out alone for some clients, to winning area dressage festivals for the next, to jumping through the levels of BE (British eventing) and ending up in local rider. Georgia has thoroughly enjoyed the increase in confidence that has come from all of the success. 

A current client who regularly uses Georgia to treat both her horses is Gema Milne. Gema is currently a fully qualified and insured BHS trainer, and works full time doing this. Her dedication and enthusiasm to the sport is clearly visible in everything she does, from the way she teaches down to the way she rides. Gema is such a keen sports person, and that has clearly shown this year.

With a lot of hard work, sweat and probably tears, Gema's hard work paid off, as this year saw her win the area dressage festival. Along with Gema's team, Georgia maintained Kalooki, throughout the competitions to ensure that he was always working at his best, and any little niggles through his Musculosketal frame were dealt with. 

Along with Kalooki, Gema has another brilliant horse, whom she shares a great bond with, this horse being Orbit. The partnership that Gema shares with Orbit is strong and they work so well together, this partnership will grow from strength to strength, and Georgia cant wait to see the improvement and be part of the team which will enable it to happen. 

Georgia can't wait to see what the end of 2019 brings still for Gema and her horses, but more excitedly what 2020 will entail and where they all end up next! 

Keep up the great work!!

Please note that permission was sought from the owner and Gema Milne to use the above photos and to be part of GD Equine website.