CPD courses taken 

Delighted to inform you all that I have recently taken part in a CPD course in Phototherapy and thermagraphy, and I am now the proud owner of a Photizo tool. See below for more information!

What is phototherapy and Photizo?

As most of you will know light is energy and this energy is a form of life. Light energy cannot be destroyed nor created, and can be used to aid transformation. The photizo tool uses this concept of light energy through infrared and red light in LED format to treat, speed up and heal animals with incredible results.

The LED lights have been designed to allow the beams to penetrate the skin to stimulate energy production (ATP) and other metabolic processes. This helps areas where it is needed by enabling metabolism to work at an optimum where cells are dying, or working to combat swelling, injury or illness. 

The way the tool works is to encourage self healing and stimulate the cells enough to trigger a response and speed up recovery. The photizo tool is a convenient tool which has been designed to time at a certain optimum wavelength to enable absorption through the skin to produce a therapeutic effect. The tool is pain free; one dosage is designed to treat all animals. 


Photizo stimulates the production of ATP, which is the energy carrier of cells. This triggers the response for cell clear up and for the nutrients and oxygen to be delivered faster, thus driving the injury response and recovery time to be quicker. Along with this, the tool reserves cell death and rejuvenates it through light, and along the same wavelength, the tool prevents the over production of scar tissue and uneven swelling build up. 

As the photizo can be used directly onto a wound sight (under the correct hygiene protection), the light enhances the immune system and signals for a quicker response due to the targeted area being stimulated. Along with this, there is an increased blood supply to capillaries and vessels, helping systems such as the lymphatic.