Services and prices

Bodywork and Massage

(Qualified and insured. All certificates are available to be seen. Use of fascia edge tool and photizo tool included.)


Initial equine bodywork session


Initial equine bodywork sessions usually take around 1.5 to 2 hours depending on how the horse reacts or session findings. A full static and dynamic assessment is done, prior to treatment. After treatment you receive a full write up with a brief history, session findings and what your horse received during the session, as well as a follow up, owner moves and stretches as well as any other information or guidance needed.  

Single (follow up) equine bodywork session


This is the price for routine sessions after the initial equine bodywork session has been done, If sessions are regularly booked in throughout the year.

If you require a bodywork session as a returning client but I haven't seen your horse(s) within the year then you will be charged at £40 per horse, and I will have to do another initial assessment. 

Within the session you receive a detailed write up. this includes session findings, owner moves and stretches and any other information or guidance needed.

As with the initial session I require a walk and trot up (in some cases lunged) prior to any treatment (unless previously agreed that a in hand assessment is not suitable)

Follow up equine bodywork session


If your equine requires another session within 10-14 days of initial session. This is a more focused and targeted session. The same applies that a walk, trot up or potentially a lunge will be needed. You will receive a full write up sheet outlining any changes and/or new stretches and information. 

Pre and Post  event/ competition equine bodywork session

£ please enquire 

Sessions can also be catered to your equines needs pre event and post event; suitable to prevent injury and/or help existing issues. Massage is a beneficial approach to aiding the body's performance and increase circulation and help the respiratory system. Post massage is designed to help the body deal with any issues or injuries that could have occurred; targeting any muscle tightness, sore spots or triggers. 

Rock Tape Application

£ please enquire 

Please see rock tape information for more details. Rocktape can be applied through treatment plans. Recommended initial session completed first, then follow up session for the use of taping application. Price to be set accordingly to tape used, and session plans. Georgia requires the horse either be able to be ridden or lunged during session, to see the tape being used. 



£ please enquire 

With yard sessions ideally I'd like to stay the entire day, ensuring each horse or pony gets the appropriate time and treatment they deserve. 

Before booking please ensure that:

  • Your hors(s) is clean, I am unable to treat wet or muddy horses. 

  • That for the treatment I have a suitable area to work, ideally somewhere that is flat and dry. If a stable or wash bay is available that is the preferred area for treatment.

  • That your horse may need a minimum of 24 hours off following treatment.

  • Ideally post treatment your horses(s) have  somewhere to move afterwards, or some  form of stretch out; turnout would be suitable, or in hand walking.  

Groom work

Stable and riding pricing



Prices start from as little as £15+

I have ridden from a young age, over the years I have worked for professional dressage riders and have gained my BHS (British horse society) exams stages 1, 2 and 3. I have also successfully completed my BHS riding and road safety. 


Stable work

From £12 an hour+

Providing a clean and tidy working environment, often taking on a sole charge responsibility.  

Please note that prices per hour are set depending on location and how many hours are required per visit.

GD Equine requires THE MINIMUM of 72 hours notice for the cancellation and change of any work. This includes general yard work, bodywork, massage, clipping and any other equine attention that had been required. 


If cancelled after the minimum notice, there will be a small charge to the client. The only time this does not apply is if there is has been an emergency either to the client or the horse. (Ideally veterinary approval needed)


The cancellation fee will be discussed privately each time with each individual client. 



Thank you 

Vet Approval is recommended for bodywork or any type of therapy. Here at GD Equine vet approval is either sought by Georgia herself, or via the owner or carer of the horse(s) in question. It is always beneficial to keep the vets in the know when treating, and even more so for insurance quotes. When booking a horse in Georgia will ask for veterinary details prior to the initial first session, and then on following sessions Georgia discusses any changes or vet call outs before the session. All changes are noted for both the owner/ carer and Georgia herself. 

Please note that if you're stabled outside of a 10 mile radius of Crawley (RH10), a small travel expense will be added. The fuel charge per mile is 0.50p.

Please note that prices are subject to change.