The Equinology Approach 

Georgia is a EEBW, known as an equine bodyworker. Equinology was founded by Debranne Pattillo, who ran the course that Georgia did in July 2016. 

Being a EEBW is a hands on approach that addresses the whole body of the horse, using an array of palpation techniques to assess soft tissue and overall muscle and structure as well as using a set detailed static and dynamic evaluation. Being an EEBW, Georgia can touch upon techniques including sports massage, soft tissue detail, mobilization, stretching, as well as working with focal and stress points.  


Being an equine bodyworker, means that Georgia can give a thorough evaluation of the horses posture and way of going. If an owner says 'my horse is just off' this doesn't necessarily link to temperament or attitude. Your horse could have a muscular issue. Georgia being a bodyworker, with such a hands on approach, and using a range of exercise and stretches means that she can help your horse. The benefits are tremendous, as its not always just about the areas that hurt, its about treating the entire horse, and improving performance and well-being. 

Having a detailed routine allows Georgia to assess both working horses and retired horses, using the routine to treat and target, as well as a feel good massage. A session, working the entire horse each time using most of, if not all, the strokes required would suggest it to be a massage, but Georgia can use the routine to work deeper and use points along the horse to assess for any issues, like knots in the muscles, therefore treating the athlete side too (like the endurance horses or eventers). 


Some of the benefits to bodywork consist of:


  • Hydrating the skin

  • Improving circulation

  • Relieving tension and spasms

  • Enhance gait movement

  • Enhance performance

  • Get better comfort

  • In some cases improves stamina 

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