Kinesiology Taping

The above photo galley shows some of my taping efforts, modelled by Jordi Elliot, as part of the CPD course I did at Writtle College on the 3rd February 2018. The CPD course was designed for equine practioners, like Georgia as an EEBW, and was aimed at kinesiology taping for the Equestrian and the Equine.

About Rocktape...

This 1 day course was designed to get a better understanding of kinesiology taping, and what benefits it has in terms of muscle development, training and strengthening. Along with how taping can be used as a healing benefit, whether it be as a placebo, or potentially assisting in the recovery of injury to both equine and equestrian. 

The tape itself has: 

  • 180% elongation

  • tighter weave

  • unique adhesive, great for equestrian sport

  • 5cm-10cm width

  • small rolls and bulk rolls

Why Tape? 


  • Less pain

  • Improved function 

  • Postural awareness

  • Increase Proprioception

  • Postural awareness 

How Rocktape works:


  1. Decompression; also known as the fluid effect, this allows the properties of the tape to lift the skin and myofascial tissue, relieving the capillary space between the skin and muscle, which may help improve the blood and lymphatic flow.

  2. Neurology: As kinesiology taping is capable of altering changes in position and movement, you can assume that the lifting of the skin via the tape, releases the pressure, which acts as a pressure sensor, which stimulates a brain response, in time allowing the area to become less sensitive. "The Skin is the interface between the nervous system and the external environment. Interaction with the skin ALWAYS alters neural impact. Altered neural impact can cause changes in the brain." Rocktape booklet ^^^

Please note

The above details are a brief overview taken from Kinesiology Taping for the Equine and Equestrian, written and designed for Rocktape. The tutor for the CPD course was Susannah Money-Schenk, Human and equine Osteopath.